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Effective 1/1/19 Gompers, Cornish & Barr has acquired The Blanchard Agency.  We welcome their clients and look forward to working with the team at Blanchard.

Private Client Group

As an owner of a high-value home, you know that your home requires not only insurance coverage but risk consulting and claims management.  If your home is in excess of $500,000 our team can customize an insurance portfolio that meets your needs.

Your portfolio might include:

  • Personal umbrella
  • Jewelry
  • Fine arts and collectibles 
  • Luxury car insurance 
  • Yachts 
  • Kidnap & Ransom
  • Domestic Employee
  • Workers' Compensation

Our Private Client Group team can assist you in evaluating your existing coverages to look for gaps as well as duplicate insurance.  

Once you are a client, you have access to our team 24/7, as well as hands-on approach to your claims from submission to settlement.

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