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In January, The Blanchard Agency became part of Gompers, Cornish & Barr.  We encourage all Blanchard clients to reach out on our GCB Insurance Website to conduct business.

Plastic Injection Molding & Extrusion Insurance

Are you paying high insurance premiums because your insurance agent and the underwriters they are working with don’t understand your industry?  We help companies in the plastic injection molding and extrusion industry with their insurance and risk transfer.  Because we specialize in this area, we have the experience to understand the unique risks associated with your type of business.  Also, because we specialize in this area, we have access to insurance products many other agencies do not.  This allows you to have very specific insurance – tailored to your industry and underwritten by specialists.

We have many different types of coverage programs.  For example, your manufacturing facilities can be protected with equipment breakdown coverage – for things such as boilers and pressure vessels, mechanical equipment, electrical equipment, and production machinery. We have programs which can protect your finished goods, or raw materials that go bad as a result of inadequate refrigeration due to an extended loss of power.

If you don’t sleep well at night wondering what would happen if your 250-ton injection molding machine suffered cracks in two of the four tie rods and have to be replaced, and production could not resume until repairs are completed – we have coverage for you.

If your current insurance agent thinks thixomolding is some sort of new dating slang – then you may not be with the right insurance agency. 

Call us or stop by for more information on how we help companies in your industry with comprehensive insurance and risk transfer programs.